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New York officials accuse doctor of selling opioids

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Physicians And Group Practices |

New York officials recently arrested a local pediatric surgeon. The officials state they caught the medical professional attempting to illegally sell opioids. The physician, who also serves on an opioid task force, faces up to nine years imprisonment for the charges. A local report also notes the medical professional is under another, separate investigation. This investigation into his past along with current criminal charges could result in the approval of the issuance of warrants to search his phone records. As such, he will likely need to build a strong defense to the charges and prepare for additional allegations of wrongdoing.

How did officials claim to catch the doctor illegally selling opioids?

According to officials, the doctor offered to sell the medication illegally to an undercover officer. The sting took place in a public parking lot.

What can other medical professionals learn from this recent enforcement officer?

In short, that no one is safe from federal investigation. This physician served as a legislator for years in his community, is part of an opioid task force, an associate clinical professor at a local university hospital and the chief of otolaryngology.

Officials state medical professionals should view the arrest as a reminder that the feds will aggressively investigate anyone who is accused of opioid crimes. If the investigation results in evidence to support these allegations, the prosecution will likely push for criminal charges.

Are there any other concerns?

It is also important to note that the investigation will likely prompt questions from the state licensing board. Depending on what the state licensing board finds during this investigation, the allegations could result in a suspension or even revocation of the accused’s medical license. As such, physicians facing such allegations are wise to act to protect both their legal rights and their medical license.

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