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Applying for a nursing license in NY? 3 things to disclose.

Filling out an application for a nursing license can be a long and taxing process. These licenses are generally state specific, meaning nurses likely need to complete different applications whenever they relocate to a different state.

The application for a nursing license requires more than just information about the applicant's education and training. It also can require specific disclosures.

NY officials remind pharmacies use of ADMs illegal

Technology has touched every area of our lives. We have devices in our pockets that allow us to be in constant contact with our loved ones and colleagues, our vehicles are beginning to use the technology needed to drive themselves and our refrigerators can tell us when we need to stop at the grocery store.

Many of these advances are helpful, but some are concerning. One specific advance that has led government officials to voice concerns involves the automation of pharmaceutical sales.

Lawsuit claims retaliation against NY hospital

Two physicians have filed a lawsuit against a local New York hospital. The physicians claim the hospital that served as their employer illegally retaliated against them when they reported another physician’s dangerous conduct. One of the physicians served as the director of the hospitalist program at the hospital, the other a neurologist and former director of the hospital’s stroke program.

The physicians claimed they complained to hospital officials, including the CEO and Chief Medical Officer. They state the hospital executives took no action to protect patient safety. As a result, they filed a whistleblower lawsuit.

Home health care providers may see changes to payment structure

The American population is aging. As the Baby Boomers begin to transition into a new phase of life, there will likely be a greater demand for home health care services. In an effort to help address this need, lawmakers passed the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) touted this new model as a means to improve reimbursement for home health care services.

Will the new model be successful? Unfortunately, due to the model’s current reliance on behavioral assumptions to guide payment decisions critics state the changes would result in unfair and inaccurate payment to providers.

What is false incorporation in medicine?

The New York Court of Appeals has agreed to hear a case that delves into fraudulent incorporation of medical practices in the state.

What is the issue? New York has a law that prohibits the corporate practice of medicine. Insurance providers can refuse to reimburse medical facilities that are in violation of this law.

Insys prosecution continues: NY doc takes plea deal

The government continues to pursue Insys related healthcare fraud investigations. Insys Therapeutics (Insys), a pharmaceutical giant, is known for manufacturing Subsys, a fentanyl-based spray used for management of severe pain suffered by cancer patients.

According to the government, Insys created a culture that encouraged fraudulent use of the powerful, addictive medication for financial gain. The government has gathered evidence of lavish meals and social affairs allegedly used to encourage physicians to increase their prescriptions of this medication.

In the most recent update to the government's ongoing efforts targeting this industry, a physician who specialized in pain management and anesthesiology at a large Manhattan hospital faced allegations of criminal activity connected to prescribing this medication.

Counselor gets 3-years in jail for health care fraud

The government recently accused a professional counselor of taking part in a complex health care fraud scheme. The prosecution accused the counselor of filing false documents to incorporate the counseling business, completing unnecessary tests of patients receiving treatment at the center and using employed doctor’s medical licenses to fraudulently prescribe and move drugs.

Government builds successful case: Counselor fined millions, faces prison

Tips for protecting your nursing license

Getting a nursing license is no easy feat. It takes years of hard work and meeting strict requirements. Now that you have your license and are building your career as a health care professional, you want to do everything to protect your license.

Unfortunately, one minor mistake can put your license in jeopardy. You may face a potential investigation, suspension, revocation or other disciplinary action by making an error. Here are some guidelines to safeguard your license.

Six health care startups named on list of 50 'unicorns'

This month, The New York Times teamed up with the research firm CB Insights to select 50 startup businesses that they think will eventually be valued at $1 billion or more. Six of the startups, which they refer to as "unicorns," are part of the health care industry.

A report from Becker's Healthcare says that the two firms chose the startups based on "a metric that combines a company's financial health, the amount of traction it has and the strength of its market." It also said that about half of the startups that the firms named on their "unicorn" list from 2015 are now worth $1 billion or more.

New York medical transport company accused of Medicaid fraud

New York State Police recently collaborated with various federal, state and local agencies to conduct an investigation of a transport service accused of defrauding Medicaid. The investigation spanned two years. Upon completion, New York officials arrested thirteen transport drivers. The prosecution has accused the drivers of fraudulently charging the government for their services.

The accused face both state and federal charges.

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