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April 2020 Archives

CMS to suspend some, reevaluate other, payment programs

Just a few weeks ago, the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) announced it would allow certain health care providers to receive funds to help maintain financial footing during the coronavirus pandemic. To achieve this goal, the agency expanded its Advance and Accelerated Payment Programs. These programs allow emergency funding in the event of a disruption in claims. The agency expanded the programs to help providers receive much needed funding to cover operational costs during the pandemic.

Liability in health care: NJ changes the rules

New Jersey lawmakers are looking for a way to better ensure needed health care professionals are available to help provide aid during the current coronavirus pandemic. Lawmakers voiced concern that some medical professionals were hesitant to volunteer to help out in hospitals in areas that needed additional assistance managing COVID-19 patients due to liability concerns. In an effort to encourage interested paramedics, doctors and others to join the fight against the virus, lawmakers recently proposed a bill that would relax legal liability.

Providers need to meet terms to get emergency CMS payments

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has allowed Medicare providers to get emergency assistance payments to help maintain financial stability during the coronavirus pandemic. Upon the agency’s first announcement of this change, the administration stated the payments would be provided with “no strings attached.”

Will physician private practices weather the storm?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to serious cuts for physician private practices throughout the country. Nationwide, stay at home and shelter in place orders have led to a reduction and even elimination of elective medical procedures. This has had a significant impact on the financial footing of physician private practices.

3 ways for private practices to manage cash flow during COVID-19

The reduction in non-essential procedures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic has threatened the vitality of private practices and physician groups throughout the nation. These organizations must deal with many hurdles during these uncertain times, including an attempt to manage a dwindling cash flow without negatively impacting their business operations. 

NCSBN warns against inappropriate prescriptions during COVID-19

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) along with the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy recently issued a statement warning against inappropriate use of prescription medications during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the statement, the boards are aware medical professionals, pharmacies and hospitals are stockpiling medications to prepare for the potential for future demand to treat patients with COVID-19.

Ex NFL star gets 22 yrs for health care fraud, asks for leniency

A court recently found former Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Monty Ray Grow guilty of health care fraud and sentenced him to 22 years imprisonment as well as over $19 million in mandatory restitution. The conviction was part of criminal allegations connected to prescription of unnecessary medications to Tricare recipients, a federal insurance program that aids military members.

Doctor gets arrested for coughing on nurses: 3 things to know

Nurses at an outpatient surgery clinic called the police on a doctor that was allegedly intentionally coughing on and hugging nurses. The nurses state the orthopedic surgeon repeatedly acted out in this manner in front of multiple witnesses. A representative speaking on behalf of the nurses states the physician was acting in complete disregard to "space and safety concerns involving the coronavirus pandemic." The nurses further allege the physician was acting in a manner to intentionally cause "a substantial amount of alarm." The doctor is not known to currently have the virus.

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