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Are young nurses facing burnout at an earlier rate than their peers?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Nurse Licensing |

Jokes about the interaction between experienced, veteran workers and relatively fresh newcomers to any profession are nothing new. Previous iterations of “OK, Boomer” were present before, as were frustrations about the work ethics of the newest generations to join the workforce.

But new studies note some alarming trends, especially within the healthcare industry. This is concerning because over 25% of the population is over the age of 59 and will likely need healthcare services in the near future.

A recent study by Forbes unearthed these trends, finding that the vast majority of young professionals are not happy with their current professional situation. These findings are in line with a previous study focusing on the medical profession, finding one-third of all nurses suffered a high level of emotional exhaustion. It is important to note that those numbers were gathered pre-pandemic and are likely much larger today. This exhaustion can lead to feelings on inadequacy, fatigue, and frustration over a too demanding schedule – all classic signs of burnout.

Nurses work too hard to get their license to peak too young in their professions. The following tips can help nurses who are dealing with burnout to move forward.

1. Know you are not alone.

As the statistics above highlight, nurse fatigue is not uncommon. It is a big problem. One of the first steps towards healing, after acknowledging the burnout, is often taking comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

2. Take care of yourself.

It may sound like old advice, but it holds true. Healthy habits like a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep are key ingredients for a healthy professional life. It can also help to know your limits and, when possible, negotiate for a better schedule or workload.

3. Reach out.

This can range from counting on your network of fellow professionals, friends, and family to help provide support. Professional services are also available and can include general counseling or practice specific services that focus on burnout and healthcare professionals.

Taking the steps towards healing may be uncomfortable and take more effort but can translate to a much healthier professional life in the future.

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