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How will New York handle the nursing shortage?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2023 | Nurse Licensing |

New York needs more nurses. Recent estimates find the state will need to hire 30,000 new nurses within the next ten years to fill current vacancies. Take this information into account with current projections and the state could face a 40,000 nurse shortage by 2030.

The problem? Not enough people are getting a nursing education and completing their training.

What are New York officials doing to address this issue?

Programs throughout the state are trying to pick up the pace and have new nurses ready to join the workforce as quickly as possible while still making sure they receive the education and experience they need to serve their patients.

One method: passage of a new law that will reduce the barrier of completion for clinical work.

What does this new law do for nursing students?

Previously, nursing students were facing difficulties completing their clinical requirements. This is a critical component of the training program. The new law allows for the students to complete up to one-third of their clinical work using simulations. Advocates for the change state the program will allow for more nurses to complete their training by balancing the use of simulations with real-life clinical experience.

The move is supported by data. A study by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing found that nursing students could receive effective training with up to 50% of their clinical instruction completed through simulations. The law only allows for 33%. Governor Hochul stated that the law will allow a safer and healthier New York by allowing for more capable nurses to enter the workforce.

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