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What happens when the travel nurse boom finally busts?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Nurse Licensing |

Every boom eventually busts, and it appears that is what we are headed towards with the travel nurse boom. Travel nurses were in high demand during the pandemic. The marketplace changed and required medical professionals to pick up and head out to various locations throughout the country, often rural, and provide care for sick patients. Leaders in the medical field lured nurses in with promises of high pay — and they delivered with some traveling nurses reportedly getting over $5,000 per week for their services.

But that is changing.

Traveling nurses are reporting a drop in pay, some even noting the offers were cut in half. This has translated to some stepping away not just from the traveling nurse gig but from the nursing profession.

What can hospital administration do to stop the exodus from nursing?

Pay is one answer. Another is to increase the focus on mentor relationships for new nurses. Having support to grow into the position can decrease the risk of a nurse burning out early on in their career.

Another key to helping preserve nursing staff may be the patient to nurse ratio. Although never ideal, the problem has become even more of an issue post-pandemic. Nurses note that renewed focus towards lowering this ratio could go a long way when it comes to nurse retention.

Are there any other ways to help increase nurse retention rates?

Nurses can help. Those who choose the nursing profession spend years studying and preparing and often view the career as more than just a job. Those who choose to care for the sick and injured are often following a calling. But this calling is a demanding and draining one. Nurses can take steps to address burnout and dig into options that help shield them from this drain. We dug into some possibilities in a previous post, available here.

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