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What if I am not honest on my application for a nursing job?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Nurse Licensing |

It can be stressful to get a job. If you find what may seem like the perfect fit, it can be tempting to exaggerate your qualifications on your application to better ensure yours stands out. In some cases, this is acceptable. Employers look favorably on applicants that have helped their community or have prior experience and they encourage applicants to include this information in the application or cover letter.

But in other cases an attempt to highlight accomplishments can get out of hand and become a problem.

What happens if an employer accuses a nurse or other healthcare professional of fibbing on their application for employment?

It could trigger professional and personal problems. In a recent example, an employer accused a man out of New York of exaggerating his application to the point of providing “phony papers” to try to get a position as a registered nurse. The employer claims that after completing due diligence they discovered the applicant did not actually have the degree listed on his application.

In this example, the employer notified the police, and the man faces criminal charges. But the case provides a broader lesson for any nurse or medical professional that receives push back after filling out an application for employment. An employer questioning credentials is a serious matter. Aside from the potential for criminal charges, these accusations can put a nurse’s entire profession at risk because they can trigger an investigation by the state nursing board. If the nursing board finds anything concerning, they could move forward with various repercussions including suspension and revocation of the accused’s nursing license.

What can I do if I am the subject of an investigation by the nursing board?

These allegations can be serious. Nurses in this situation do not have to go through the process alone. A healthcare law attorney can help to build a defense to the allegations and help you keep your nursing license.

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