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Can a nurse get penalized for giving advice about the COVID vaccine?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Nurse Licensing |

The pandemic has put the medical community in a difficult situation. In addition to working to provide quality care to their patients, these medical professionals must also do their best to stay current with information about the COVID-19 virus as it becomes available. Nurses and doctors alike are doing their best to stay up to date on the most recent findings about this virus. But do they feel they are well informed?

The American Nurses Foundation recently conducted a study to dig into this issue. Do nurses feel comfortable with the information they have about COVID-19? Do they feel they can discuss treatment options with their patients?

What did the American Nursing Foundation find?

According to researchers with the survey, almost half of the participants stated that they do not feel comfortable having conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine with their patients. It is important to note that the group presented the results of the survey in October of 2020. Much additional information is now available.

What type of information is available?

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Nursing Association (ANA) are just a few of the reputable organizations providing information as it becomes available. It is wise to stay current in this information. The ANA has provided a guide with important information to help guide nurses in these conversations.

Can a nursing board penalize a nurse for giving advice about this vaccine?

It depends on the advice. State nursing boards can initiate disciplinary proceedings if a nurse provides false information. This can include information that is provided with the intent to deceive the patient. Possible penalties can include a reprimand, probation, suspension or even revocation of the nurse’s license.

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