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Nurses: Navigate these 3 changes to excel in today’s market

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Nurse Licensing |

The nursing profession is evolving. Are you ready? Whether considering becoming a nurse or already an experienced professional, the answer to this question could determine whether you thrive in the nursing industry or face daily frustration.

The changes to navigate within the nursing profession include:

Thinking of becoming a nurse? Prepare for a very involved and intense training program.

Those preparing to enter the filed must undergo formal and intense training. In addition to a large course load and long hours of practical experiences before completing their nursing programs, local nursing boards also expect nurses to pass multiple exams before applying for a nursing license. Examples include passage of the NCLEX-PN for licensed practical nurses or NCLEX-RN to become a licensed registered nurse (RN).

Already a nurse? Get ready to keep up with technological advances.

The medical industry expects nurses who are already practicing their profession to keep up with technological advances that impact the health care industry. This includes the digitalization of medical records and use of new monitoring devices and mobile apps. The biomedical engineering industry continues to thrive and will likely result in even more advances nurses will need to utilize in coming years.

Training or practicing – the industry is far more specialized then ever before.

In previous generations, nurses were essentially masters of all. Their skills would translate throughout the hospital. In today’s medical profession, nurses are specialized. It is commonplace for hospitals to have nurses that are trained as cardiac, pediatric and geriatric specialists.

This specialization is likely to continue. Current examples include fields like bioinformatics and forensic nursing.

Final tip: Once you get your nursing license, be prepared to fight to keep it.

Getting a nursing license is not an easy feat. As such, nurses must be prepared to fight if they find themselves accused of wrongdoing or under investigation by the licensing board. Those who do not take the matter seriously could find their license suspended or revoked.

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