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3 things to know about continuing education and nursing in NJ

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Nurse Licensing |

The New Jersey Board of Nursing requires nursing to complete continuing education (CE) to keep an active nursing license in the state. Nurses in the state can use the following information to help better ensure they meet this requirement.

Question #1: How much CE does the Board require?

The Board requires a minimum of 30 contact hours of CE during the two-year period that proceeds renewal. This is true for anyone who wants to keep an active license, whether currently working or not.

Another option for those who want to keep their license current but not put in the CE time is to put their license into an inactive status. Although this removes the CE requirement, it also means the nurse will need to go through a reactivation process before the Board will allow the license to return to active status.

Question #2: What counts as CE?

A credentialing agency accredited by the American Nurses Crediting Services (ANCC) must approve the CE. The Board allows credit for completion of both in person and online coursework.

In some cases, courses offered by an employer can also count. The Board notes the employer must be approved by the ANCC and these courses must generally carry a credit-hour designation and the employer must provide a certificate of successful completion.

Question #3: Will the Board ever check my CE certificates?

They may. It is a good idea to keep your certificates of completion for at least five years. The Board could request review of these documents during an audit or a disciplinary investigation.


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