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What makes for a good NY nursing program?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Nurse Licensing |

Those who chose to become a nurse likely have many reasons for pursuing this profession. The nursing profession allows professionals to help those in need and provides a good level of job security.

Those who put the time into gaining their nursing license have likely done their research, including looking into the quality of the nursing programs available in the state. One tool that can help decide if a nursing program is solid: state rankings. recently announced the results of its state-wide analysis of available nursing programs. Of the almost 100 available schools from throughout New York, the organization ranks the top 30. Programs that made the cut include large institutions and smaller community programs. is not the only organization that ranks nursing programs in the state. Other organizations, including, also provide some guidance. Regardless of the ranking organization, most rankings include a review of key components that to determine the quality of the program. Examples include:

  • Availability of hands-on clinical experience
  • NCLEX testing data
  • Accreditation

Once you go through the program, get the training, take the tests and get your license, it is important to protect your nursing license. In some cases, your license could be at risk. An investigation by the licensing board or allegations of wrongdoing can put your nursing license in jeopardy. Those who find themselves in this situation can protect their license with legal counsel. An attorney experienced in nurse licensing matters can review the allegations and provide counsel to better ensure a favorable outcome.

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