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Positions in health care dominate top jobs in the nation

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The public generally views the health care industry as a stable career path. In addition to job security, U.S. News and World Report also states that those who hold a position within the health care industry have some of the best jobs in the nation.

Which health care jobs were on the list?

Three of the top five positions in the nation are in medicine. The list includes the position of a physician assistant at #3, dentist at #4, nurse anesthetist and orthodontist tied at #5. Rounding out the top ten are positions as a nurse practitioner at #7, pediatrician at #8, obstetrician and gynecologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon and prosthodontist tied at #9.

According the U.S. News and World Report Best Jobs Rankings for 2019, occupational therapist is listed at #13, anesthesiologist at #14, nurse midwives at #16 and registered nurses at #19. The health care professions within the list of 100 best jobs in the nation goes on and on.

Why does the health care field dominate the list of top jobs?

As noted above, the health care industry offers stability. After all, everyone will likely need to see a doctor at some point during their life. This field is also known for providing financial stability. Whether looking at becoming a dentist, nurse or physician the paychecks are generally well over the national average.

Why aren’t more people taking jobs in health care industry?

Although more may be interested in joining this job market, not everyone can cut it. Becoming a nurse, dentist or doctor requires countless hours of study and preparation. Those who do make it into the profession will generally need to continue their education throughout their careers.

These professions are also often overseen by licensing boards. The power of the licensing board is serious, a failure to follow the expectations of the board can result in a revocation of one’s professional license.

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