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Medical Board suspends license of doctor for gun ownership

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Physicians And Group Practices |

The issue arose on August 12. At that time, a man called the police and claimed a man at a bar had showed him a gun and made threats of violence. The police arrived and spoke with the man in question. The man, a New York plastic surgeon who works in Massachusetts, admitted to having a gun when questioned. The police then arrested the physician. This arrest led to the search of his vehicle.

The police claim the physician’s possession of the firearm was not legal. The physician cooperated with police throughout the incident. While searching the vehicle, police found body armor, five rifles, ammunition and other weapons. Based on these findings, the police requested and were granted a warrant to search the doctor’s two residences. During the search of the homes, police allegedly found illegal handguns and rifles in one, additional weapons and armor in the other. Based on these findings, the government has charged the man with 41 felony charges for illegal possession of weapons.

The physician states the man who called the police has a reputation as an unreliable individual. Therefore, he argues the police should disregard the man’s claim the physician made a threat.

Arrest leads to more than just criminal charges; Medical Board meets and decides to take away the doctor’s medical license

Shortly after the doctor’s arrest, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine held an emergency meeting. At this meeting, the board decided the allegations were sufficient to suspend the New York doctor’s medical license. Until the board reinstates his license, he will not be able to return to work in his clinic, located in Massachusetts, when released.  

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