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Nurses: Tips to avoid license suspension, revocation

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Nurse Licensing |

The nursing profession is one that takes years of education and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. Those who pursue this profession likely do so to answer the call to help people. In addition to this desire to make a difference, those who enter nursing are likely depending on a profession that will last many years. As a result, notification that your license may be under review by the licensing board can cause concern.

How concerning are license reviews?

Licensing board reviews of nursing licenses are not uncommon. Every year in the United States, licensing boards put thousands of nurses on probation, suspension, or even revoke their nursing license.

Whether the result of a misunderstanding or a mistake, it is wise for a nurse who receives notification of a review to take the matter seriously.

How can nurses avoid finding themselves under review?

It is best for nurses to take a proactive stance and avoid finding themselves under review in the first place. Two tips that can help include:

· Question unreasonable requests. If a physician or other medical professional asks you to do something that seems off, do not simply agree. If the request does not seem in line with your training, question it.

· Be vigilant about your reputation. Unfortunately, those who choose the nursing profession often live in a fishbowl. The public may scrutinize every move and file a complaint with the hospital or licensing board whether you are on or off the clock. It is important to remain professional, especially when wearing scrubs or other pieces of your professional uniform. A failure to do so while acting in a personal capacity could result in allegations of wrongdoing. This also extends to include carefully considering what you may post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the like.

With the current nursing shortage, there is concern nurses will be pushed beyond their means to serve patients. As a result, allegations of nurses failing to meet their duties for an individual patient may become more common.

What if you find yourself the subject of a review by the licensing board?

Do not hesitate to take proactive action to protect yourself if you find you are the subject of an investigation or inquiry by a licensing board. An attorney experienced in nursing license legal matters can help to better ensure your interests are protected.

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