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Nurse accused of illegally posing as a doctor

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Nurse Licensing |

Investigators are reviewing allegations a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) illegally posed as a physician. The investigation began after a state agency received complaints about the individual. These complaints led to a search warrant and investigation of a medical building where the nurse allegedly ran an illegal medical practice. At this practice, the accused allegedly provided medical treatments to patients that believed he was a medical doctor.

Officers found enough evidence to support an arrest after conducting the investigation.

Nurse versus doctor, a misstep can have serious consequences: Although medical professionals have pointed out that LPNs often have the experience to provide treatment and know which medication is best in certain circumstances, they do not have the proper license to act on this knowledge. Operating a practice that does so would be outside the bounds of an LPN’s license and often illegal.

Instead, LPNs generally can assess the patient’s condition, collect data and administer medications.

Lessons for nurses in New York: The individual noted above is awaiting criminal charges. This provides a valuable reminder for nurses in New York to abide by the limitations present within their professional license. A failure to do so can lead to the revocation of your license and potential criminal charges.

Nurses in New York that find themselves the subject of an investigation can act to protect their professional and personal reputation. The process generally begins with contact by an investigator. This can lead to an informal hearing or a proposed settlement agreement. It is wise to contact an attorney experienced in licensing investigation matters before discussing the investigation with the investigator to better ensure your legal rights are protected.

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