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Nursing home mergers, sales and acquisitions

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Physicians And Group Practices |

After months of chaotic shifts in activity, the senior housing merger and acquisition market’s new trends can benefit those who understand the need for innovation and flexibility. Buyers who want to acquire senior care facilities may view change as a frustrating upheaval. Others see a profitable opportunity to develop their care centers to attract the coming boomer wave.

The market is opening as more mom-and pop providers put their senior care centers up for sale. Underserved cities want additional facilities. America’s seniors expect creative housing solutions. Integrated community living is a developing trend as healthcare systems collaborate with other health providers. The field of senior care is wide open for innovation.

Creative housing design and innovation

Many seniors are not buying into the bigger-is-better model. They expect a broad selection of innovative design options that maximize space and minimize expense.

Senior care housing design is a lucrative, fast-growing field. Smart builders or housing renovators are pushing the envelope in making smaller units more inviting.

New acquisitions and existing facility conversions

Existing nursing homes are showing their age. Their lower divestiture price may not be a bargain considering the capital expenditure required for renovation. Some existing structures may be easier to upgrade depending on their configuration. Before buying, it is essential to understand the changes necessary today to attract tomorrow’s consumers.

After reviewing the numbers, acquiring new facilities may be less expensive than reworking older buildings. Facility renovators can no longer compete for business with structural repairs, new paint and some fresh interior décor. Seniors expect high-end amenities. Quality furnishings and finishes, dining ambiance with gourmet food branding and expert infrastructure for their technology devices are only a few of the requirements high on seniors’ demand lists.

To get in on the ground floor of lucrative senior living acquisitions, do your research and be prepared. The middle of negotiations is not the time to find critical gaps in the merger, acquisition or sales process.


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