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How a DWI impacts your nursing license

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Nurse Licensing |

There are many ways nurses can lose their licenses, and not all of them relate to actions on the job. The way nurses conduct themselves outside work is just as important. With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, police will arrest numerous people that night for driving under the influence of alcohol. Nurses arrested and convicted for this risk losing their licenses.

The consequences of an arrest for DWI vary from one nurse to the next. The Board may give you a slap on the wrist, or it may revoke your license for a first offense. It is vital to know how to proceed in such a case so you can continue working as a nurse.

Report the offense to the state board

After a DWI/DUI arrest, it is likely that the nursing board will hear about the incident soon enough. You need to get ahead of this issue for damage control. A nursing licensing attorney will know best how to present your case to the board. You will likely need to speak in front of the board to defend your case. There may be an additional investigation into the matter, and you should cooperate to the best of your ability.

Consider the damage to your reputation

For a first DWI offense, the board may not revoke your license. However, it is vital to consider what this offense will do to your overall reputation. If you apply for jobs at other hospitals, employers will likely conduct a background check. Although you still have your license, the employer will see the DWI offense on your record and likely avoid hiring you. While it is understandable to want to have fun on New Year’s Eve, you need to be aware that you always represent your medical facility when out in public.

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