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Healthcare fraud charges – not just for medical professionals

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Health Care Investigations |

A former football star is facing allegations for healthcare fraud. The government claims the accused illegally used his role as a marketer to bring in potential clients for treatment.

Healthcare fraud charges are generally associated with medical professionals. Although common, others who are not physicians, nurses or hospital administrators can also face these charges.

The government has accused Monty Grow of fraudulently billing the federal government for unnecessary medical creams. He was accused of the following crimes:

  • Healthcare fraud. Mr. Grow began as a marketing contractor, using his network to refer military veterans to Patient Care America for pain and scar creams. The creams were expensive. Mr. Grow was accused of covering the cost of the co-pays for his referred patients.
  • Kickbacks. He was also accused of getting pay-offs from his sales team if they referred military beneficiaries to the pharmacy he was associated with.
  • Money laundering. Money laundering generally involves the movement of money in an attempt to remove it from its original source. It is a charge that is often combined with other criminal charges that involve financial gain.

A jury found Mr. Grow guilty of these charges. A judge known for harsh sentencing sentenced Mr. Grow to 22 years of prison time.

This case is a cautionary tale. Even those without a medical background, like Mr. Grow, can face serious criminal charges for violations of healthcare laws. Those who are under investigation or facing such accusations are wise to build a defense. An attorney experienced in these matters can help to better ensure the issue is resolved efficiently.  

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