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Selling your home services? Follow these tips

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Home Health Agencies |

Anyone who runs a home health agency knows how all-consuming it can be: You care deeply about your patients, you have hired the best employees out there and you put in the effort to make your care extra personal. Now, after countless hours of hard work, you are ready to sell its services.

After all the energy that went into building up your agency, you will want to follow the right steps to ensure its continued success. Selling your services may benefit your company immensely—but only if you do it right. When you are ready to sell your home health agency’s services, remember these helpful tips.

  • Choose to be a partner

Market your agency as a partner, rather than a vendor. Partners have much more power than vendors when it comes to setting prices, seeking referrals and choosing clients.

  • Negotiate wisely

Use your position to negotiate deals in your best interest. Make smart bids that make you appealing to partners, but that benefit you financially.

  • Make it about them

When making your pitch, don’t talk only about your agency. Let your referral sources know how they will benefit from working with you. After all, a sales pitch is not really about you: It’s about them.

  • Stand out

Without a doubt, your potential partners will have already considered many different home care agencies. Emphasize what your agency can do that others cannot.

  • Tailor your services

Tailor your services to fit the needs of your clients and referral sources. One of your biggest assets will be the ability to listen carefully to what your clients need so that you can alter your services to their specifications.

  • Keep your promises

Don’t make any promises that you can’t keep: Overpromising and under-delivering will only make your home care agency look unprofessional, unreliable and incompetent.

  • Fill a niche

Does your agency have any specialties? Maybe one of your staff members has special training in an unusual area, or another is an expert in a certain skill set. Market any areas of expertise to your advantage.

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