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Can stress or anxiety cause you to lose your nursing license?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Nurse Licensing |

Stress is an unfortunate part of life for many Americans, especially those whose jobs require long hours or grueling physical labor. As a nurse in New York, you are well aware that both of these factors combine to make one of the country’s most stressful and demanding careers.

While nursing can be a rewarding profession, many nurses today are suffering from intense stress-related conditions, including depression, anxiety and burnout. Anxiety and stress can impact nurses unexpectedly, even if – or perhaps especially when – you are new at the job.

Reasons for work stress

After getting your license, you might experience trepidation for an extended time looking for a job in a competitive market. Once you are working, you could find that being a nurse is more difficult than you expected. It would not be unusual for others at your workplace to add to your stress, with situations ranging from combative patients to bullying co-workers. You might have even begun adding to your stress pile while you were still in school, before you obtained your license.

Adverse results of workplace stress

Stress is bad enough when it affects your personal life, but what can happen when it begins to affect you at work? You might already know that being stressed out can lead you to make mistakes, and in your profession, even a seemingly small mistake can have serious consequences. If an error or anxiety-related behavior threatens your patients’ lives or appears to be unprofessional conduct, your license might be at stake.

Fortunately, more employers are recognizing the need to identify and treat stress on the job. Your company might enact such anxiety-relief measures as offering classes or counseling on managing stress; holding socials or retreats so you and your associates can build relationships and have fun; or creating a safe and calming space at work where you can go to unwind. Addressing your stress in healthy ways may prevent you from letting it get so bad that it affects your job.

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