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3 tips for new nurses to avoid misconduct allegations

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Nurse Licensing |

As a nurse, you must follow high standards of professionalism. When you interact with patients, doctors, nursing assistants and other nurses, you must be mindful of your ethics, morals and conduct. It is important to monitor your own performance and ensure you are doing everything correctly.

Failing to be professional may lead to accusations of misconduct, investigations or even revocation of your license. Below are some tips for being as professional as possible to avoid misconduct accusations.

1. Work well with others

It is crucial to work with everyone else around you to promote the well-being of the patients in your care. Do your best to cooperate with members of your staff and respect everyone individually. Treat all your colleagues and supervisors with honor. Inform your supervisor if you see someone putting a patient at risk.

2. Make proper care your main priority

Your primary responsibility is caring for patients by promoting their health and protecting them from harm. Keep in mind that every patient you encounter is a unique individual that has particular needs and preferences. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, you should always maintain professional boundaries with your patients. Make sure you are caring and therapeutic without being inappropriate.

3. Use social media mindfully

If you use social media a lot, be careful how you use it in relation to your nursing profession. Remember that you should be as professional online as you are in the hospital. Do not post confidential information about patients or make disparaging comments about any employers, coworkers or patients. Be wary of contacting patients online, as this can easily veer into an inappropriate relationship. Do your best to separate your personal and professional lives online and use helpful privacy settings on social media accounts.

Follow these three tips to reduce your chances of being the subject of a nursing board investigation.

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