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New York doctor’s medical license suspended pending hearing

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Physicians And Group Practices |

If you drive north of New York City for a little more than an hour, you will arrive in White Plains. A doctor in the affluent suburb has had his offices there and in Mount Kisco shut down after his medical license was suspended.

News reports out of Westchester County indicate that a hearing will be held in a few days regarding the New York State Department of Health’s accusations that improper hand hygiene at the doctor’s clinics spread Hepatitis C to four of his patients.

Four of Dr. Timothy Morley’s patients recently tested positive for Hepatitis C. The deputy commissioner of the state’s department of health attributed the incidents to problems at the Tomorrow Medicine clinics, including “lack of hand hygiene, lack of use of antiseptic to disinfect before and after procedures, potentially use of unlicensed personnel to administer the infusions.”

According to the news report, officials believe personnel at the doctor’s practices reused vials of medication intended as single-use.

The Westchester County health department and state offer free tests for Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B, as well as HIV.

According to the Board of Health website, the doctor is accused of “violating the state Public Health and Education Law and failing to produce relevant records as part of a state and local investigation.” No date was listed for the upcoming formal hearing.

Those hearings require an attention to law, documentation and detail. A health care law attorney protects your rights and interests at every step of the process.

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