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Are you a nurse facing disciplinary action in New York?

The nursing profession has many risks for practitioners, and in order to keep your license, you must follow the New York State nursing license requirements. If the licensing board believes you have violated the regulations, it may compel you to appear for a disciplinary hearing.

3 tips for reacting to the threat of losing your nursing license

When you receive a notice from the Office of Professional Discipline at the New York State Education Department about your nursing license, you may feel confusion, anger and stress. You likely feel furious that a patient or someone else reported you to the nursing board instead of resolving issues with you first.

How well-run is your medical office?

Every day, thousands of patients visit nurses and doctors in offices. The patients hope to solve a wide variety of ailments ranging from simple to serious. However, it can be how well-run a doctor's office is that governs the patient experience rather than the quality and educational background of the medical personnel. 

How nurses can lose their license in ways unrelated to work

Familiar ways that nurses (and other medical professionals, for that matter) can lose their license are often related to their work. For example, falsifying records and neglecting patients are common causes of license suspension or revocation. However, these work behaviors and errors are not the only forms of misconduct you need to avoid.

Can stress or anxiety cause you to lose your nursing license?

Stress is an unfortunate part of life for many Americans, especially those whose jobs require long hours or grueling physical labor. As a nurse in New York, you are well aware that both of these factors combine to make one of the country's most stressful and demanding careers.

3 tips for new nurses to avoid misconduct allegations

As a nurse, you must follow high standards of professionalism. When you interact with patients, doctors, nursing assistants and other nurses, you must be mindful of your ethics, morals and conduct. It is important to monitor your own performance and ensure you are doing everything correctly. 

Should you defend yourself at a nursing license board hearing?

When your nursing license is in jeopardy, many things may race through your head. All the stress and frustration can get in the way of good judgment, but one thing you should never do is defend yourself at a nursing license board hearing. Here is a look at a few reasons why.

Understanding the three criteria for physician licensure

There is a reason why physicians are some of the most revered professionals in society. To become a doctor requires skill, dedication and extensive education. All of this work eventually qualifies a physician to become licensed, but sometimes qualifications are called into question or even denied. In such circumstances, acquiring legal representation is wise for some patients. These rare cases demonstrate the importance for the general public to understand the criteria for licensure.

Tips for a successful merger with another health care practice

Merging your health care practice with another one can lead to numerous benefits, the most notable being the monetary savings. Because both businesses are well established and successful, you may believe a merger will be simple and smooth and result in immediate advantages.

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