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New York psychiatric center blamed for death of child

A 14-year-old patient at a New York psychiatric center suffered cardiac arrest due to a severe case of constipation and bowel obstruction. The center transferred the girl to a university hospital. She died within 24-hours of the transfer. The psychiatric center responsible for her care is facing criticism from the state for its role in the girl’s death.

2 key lessons from Hudson Valley doctor's arrest for fraud

A former orthopedic surgeon, is facing up to 32 years of prison and $500,000 in fines. The criminal complaint states the physician stole the identity of an orthopedic surgeon and used this identity to receive payment for the review of over $860,000 in Workers' Compensation cases.

HHS completes largest healthcare fraud enforcement in history

The Department of Justice and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have made it clear that the government is cracking down on healthcare fraud. To help illustrate this point, the agencies conducted the largest healthcare fraud enforcement action in history.

Kickbacks for opioid prescriptions are focus in doctor charges

As a physician, you may feel pulled in many different directions by those you work with. You are dedicated to your responsibility to protect your patients and improve their lives, and you must also hold yourself to a high legal and ethical standard. At the same time, you may feel obligated by some pharmaceutical companies to recommend or prescribe their products to your patients. If you believe these products can help your patients or ease their suffering with minimal harm, you may have no objections. However, you and other Texas doctors might also face the possibility of being accused of promoting a drug or other medical product that has a questionable benefit to your patients or may even cause harm.

How will you know if you have a Medicare overpayment?

Due to a variety of circumstances, such as clerical errors, duplicate payments or processing mistakes, recipients of Medicare can receive too much money. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires recipients to return any excess funds within 60 days, or the organization will take further action. 

Major consideration for valuations of your health care business

After you decide to sell your health care business, you must, of course, have some idea of its value to attract buyers. However, five people could scrutinize your business and come up with five quite different estimates. In part, the estimate depends on the person's relationship to the business. For example, someone such as you who may have invested years and many emotions into the business might come up with a higher price than a more neutral third party would.

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