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Physicians and Group Practices Archives

When physician groups need legal help

A physician's license is incredibly valuable. The time and effort it takes to obtain the license is immense -- but losing it only takes one moment. When a physician's license is threatened by a complex case, or a physician group practice comes under attack by a lawsuit, it is imperative for the individual or the group to consult with an attorney that is well versed in health care law.

NY doctor faces fraud allegations, potential jail time

The practice of medicine is much different now than it once was. Physicians are extremely specialized and it is rare that one physician can provide complete care for a patient. As a result, care often involves many physicians working together to treat a patient. These efforts can help the patient receive the care he or she needs to heal or maintain their health.

Eye doctor, senator face retrial on Medicare fraud-related charges

A few days ago, New York media was filled with surprise that U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and his friend, Dr. Salomon Melgen, will be retried on corruption charges. More eyebrows were raised later when a judge granted a request to acquit the pair on several charges they faced in a case that ended in mistrial last year.

Eye doctor awaits sentencing for Medicare fraud conviction

Two very different portraits were painted recently of Dr. Salomon Melgen, the Harvard-trained ophthalmologist. At his sentencing hearing, Melgen was painted by prosecutors as a greedy doctor willing to subject his patients to painful treatments that were medically unnecessary so that he could bill Medicare. Melgen's defense team said that portrait was a false one and insisted that the doctor is devoted to his patients and had helped many to regain sight after other physicians had given up on them.

Judge declares mistrial in Menendez case

The New York Times and media outlets across the nation recently spread the news: the sprawling, months-long federal corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez is over. The powerful New Jersey pol was defiant and relieved after the judge declared a mistrial because the jury was deadlocked.

Rural doctor’s forced retirement has patients worried

The doctor is almost 85 years old and just now stepping into retirement. But it’s not a willing step; the rural family doctor is being forced into shutting down her office by New Hampshire’s Board of Medicine. The board questions decision-making and other fundamental aspects of her work such as her record-keeping.

Doctor accused of practicing without a valid license

The list of requirements to be licensed as a doctor of medicine in the state of New York is, at the very least, extensive. The New York State Education Department's Office of Professions goes on at length about the requirements, types of licenses, verification process and much more.

Rural doctor and his patients threatened by fraud claims

If you brought the entire county to New York City, the residents of Carroll County, Tennessee, would fill slightly more than half of Yankee Stadium. But the people there aren't these days interested in trips to baseball venues. They are instead worried that one of the few doctors working in their rural area might be taken away from them by the federal government.

What can trigger an investigation of a New York doctor?

Doctors' lives are filled with a variety of stresses. Though they often counsel patients to minimize stress in their lives, physicians are themselves often caught between competing pressures to meet the needs of patients, their own families, business interests and regulators.